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Gumshoe among suspects in stabbing of 3 bar staffers in Kabukicho

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Thursday announced the arrest of four persons, including a private detective, over the alleged stabbing of three staff members at a bar in the Kabukicho red-light district of Shinjuku Ward, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Apr. 23).

On January 18, Takumi Hayashi, 21, allegedly used a knife with a 10-centimeter-long blade to stab a male employee of the bar, 33, in the buttocks with a knife.

He also allegedly slashed two other employees (37 and 50) in the buttocks and arm.

Three accomplices, all male youths (aged 16 and 17), served as lookouts and aided Hayashi in his escape, police said.

Upon their arrests on suspicion of attempted murder, all four acknowledged the stabbing was for the purpose of robbery. However, they all denied having intent to kill.

Four persons carried out a stabbing at a bar in Kabukicho in January (The Tokyo Reporter)

“1 million yen could be made”

According to police, the three youths got to know Hayashi after he posted on a members-only site for “underground part-time work” in January.

During questioning, Hayashi said that he needed money after a traffic accident left him in debt. The post on the site claimed that “1 million yen could be made” in the caper.

The establishment is registered and promoted with a sign as a bar. However, it was furnished with 38 illegal pachi suro (pachinko slot) machines, according to Jiji Press (Apr. 23).

Police are continuing the investigation.