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Despite divorce, couple that scammed together stayed together

TOKYO (TR) – A woman and her former husband continued with their relationship and roles in a fraud ring despite filing for a divorce.

It seems to have been a matter of: the couple that scams together stays together.

According to Fuji News Network (May 18), Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested Erika Matsuno and her husband, Tsuyoshi, on suspicion of fraud.

The suspects, both 32, are believed to have swindled about 20 persons out of about 40 million yen.

Tsuyoshi Matsuno, left, and Erika (Twitter)

In April of last year, the pair is alleged to have defrauded a woman in her 60s out of 4.8 million yen.

Beforehand, the woman was called by a woman posing as a representative of the Shinjuku Ward office. The caller falsely told the woman that she was eligible for a refund of 7.2 million yen.

“I truly don’t know,” Tsuyoshi said in denying the allegations. “I have no memory,” said Erika.

The suspects are members of a fraud ring. At one point, they were married.

However, after Tsuyoshi was arrested over another incident, the pair filed divorce paperwork. They then continued their relationship and their roles in the ring.