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‘Delivery health’ business suspected in ‘full sex’ scam accused in 2nd case

AICHI (TR) – Employees at a so-called “delivery health” service in Nagoya that are in custody over the blackmailing of a customer have been accused in a second case, reports Kyodo News (Oct. 15).

On November 19, five male and female employees of First Class, including 38-year-old manager Tomio Nakagawa, allegedly worked together in extorting 1 million yen from an independent businessman, 43, at a love hotel in Nagoya’s Naka Ward.

Nakagawa and three of the employees, who have been accused of blackmail, deny the allegations. Meanwhile, the fifth employee, a 40-year-old man living in Inazawa City, Aichi, admits to the charges, according to the Naka Police Station.

According to police, the victim, a resident of Aichi, confirmed in writing beforehand that he would be fined 1 million if he were to request honban, or full sex, which is prohibited under the Anti-Prostitution Law.

First Class
First Class is a “delivery health” chain with other outlets in Tokyo and Yokohama

The suspects are believed to have demanded that customers agree to various conditions before receiving services. They would then lodge a complaint with a customer thereafter whether there was a violation or not.

Police suspect that the service has used similar means to swindle more than 200 customers out of at least 200 million yen. Officers first arrested four of the employees over the alleged blackmailing of a male customer out of 3 million yen in August.

First Class is a chain with other outlets in Tokyo and Yokohama.