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Delinquent group’s pit bull attacks cop during 30-person beach BBQ

SHIZUOKA (TR) – Shizuoka Prefectural Police have arrested the leader of a delinquent group after his pit bull bit an officer in the town of Higashiizu earlier this month, reports Kyodo News (May 12).

On May 6, the 43-year-old male officer from the Shimoda Police Station approached the approximately 30-person barbecue held at a seaside plaza in the Naramoto area.

The unleashed American Pit Bull Terrier of Yasuyuki Aoki, the 35-year-old leader of Mishima-juku, then bit the left leg of the officer, who suffered an injury that will require 8 days to heal, police said.

Police have accused Aoki of gross negligence resulting in injury. Police did not reveal whether the suspect admits to the allegations.

Yasuyuki Aoki (Twitter)

Prior to the incident, after being tipped off by a local resident tipped off police. Due to the state of emergency in effect during the coronavirus pandemic, such gatherings are restricted.

Mishima-juku is a criminal group dubbed hangure, an amalgamation of han (half) and gureru (to be delinquent).

Last month, a court handed Aoki a suspended prison term over another case. More than 10 members of the group were arrested for unspecified crimes last year.

Police suspect that the barbecue was held to recruit new members.