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Couple evicted after 238 cats found in Sapporo house

HOKKAIDO (TR) – A couple was evicted from their apartment in Sapporo City after more than 200 cats were found inside earlier this year, the city said on Wednesday, reports NHK (May 20).

In late March, the landlord visited the two-floor house, located in Kita Ward, after the couple, both aged in their 50s, had failed to pay rent. After entering, they discovered a total of 238 cats inside.

According to an animal management and welfare center, many of the cats were emaciated and weak. Additionally, many cat bones were found scattered on the second floor.

After the landlord issued an eviction order to the couple, they vacated the premises later in March.

A total of 238 cats were found in a Sapporo house in March (NHK)

“Failed to take care of sterilization”


The city described the situation as a “breakdown in large-scale breeding.” One city official said, “For financial reasons, they failed to take care of sterilization. This caused [the cats] to multiply.”

A non-profit organization and volunteers have found homes for all but six of the cats, the city said.

A representative of the Ministry of the Environment, which has jurisdiction over the Animal Welfare Law, said, “It is extremely rare for more than 200 cats to be housed in one place.”