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Colombians suspected in dozens of Kanto break-ins

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two male Colombian nationals who are suspected of carrying out dozens of break-ins in the Kanto area, reports NHK (Feb. 29).

Last month, Johnny Fabian Marcelo Taborda and Jefferson Fabian Martinez Gimenez, both 40, allegedly broke into the residence of a 55-year-old male corporate executive in Hachioji City and stole about 100,000 yen in cash and other items.

Both suspects admit to the allegations, police said. “Over the past two months, we did this about 50 times,” one of the suspects was quoted.

Johnny Fabian Marcelo Taborda (Twitter)

The suspects arrived in Japan together last November. Police suspect that the pair targeted residences in Kanagawa Prefecture and Tokyo.

Prior to the break-ins, the suspects used intercoms and checked whether lights were on inside to ensure that the occupations were out.

Police believe the amount of cash and valuables stolen totals about 40 million yen.