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Chinese national accused of fake marriage for residency

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 22-year-old female Chinese national for allegedly engaging in a fake marriage to obtain residency, reports TBS News (Aug. 7).

According to police, Ni Min and Jin Hiramatsu, a 51-year-old company employee, made false claims in marriage paperwork filed at the Sumida Ward government office in June, 2017.

After the filing, the suspects lived separately. The paperwork was filed in order for the Chinese national to obtain status of residency in Japan, police said.

Ni Min (Twitter)

Both suspects deny the allegations. “The marriage is real,” Ni was quoted by police.

According to police, Ni arrived in Japan four years ago as a foreign-exchange student. She met Hiramitsu while she was employed at a “snack” hostess club.

After returning to China, Ni wanted to reside in Japan again. Upon her return, she filed the fake paperwork at the ward office, police said.