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Chiba: Woman stabbed on street in Chiba City

CHIBA (TR) – Chiba Prefectural Police are hunting for the perpetrator who stabbed a woman as she commuted home in Chiba City early Monday, reports Fuji News Network (Aug. 19).

At around 12:30 a.m., the woman, aged in her 30s, tipped off police about the incident, which took place on a road in Inage Ward. “Someone bumped into me from the front,” she said. “I later realized I had been stabbed.”

The woman was transported to a hospital with a wound to the abdomen that will require two weeks to heal, police said.

An unknown perpetrator stabbed a woman in Chiba City on Monday morning (Twitter)

According to police the perpetrator, of unknown gender, stands about 170 centimeters tall. Having a medium build, they were wearing a cap.

In addition to warning local residents, police are examining security camera footage in seeking clues about the perpetrator.