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Canadian prosecuted for smuggling stimulant drugs, marijuana in cans

CHIBA (TR) – A male Canadian national was prosecuted on Tuesday over the alleged smuggling of stimulant drugs and marijuana concealed in cans earlier this month, police said, reports NHK (Jan. 29).

On January 8, Germain Anthony Morris, 30, arrived at Narita International Airport on a flight from Vancouver 1.4 kilograms of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, and 3.2 kilograms of marijuana concealed inside six food cans placed in a suitcase.

According to police, the contraband has a street value of 170 million yen. The amount of stimulant drugs seized represents about 49,000 doses. Meanwhile, figure for the seized marijuana is 6,400.

Narita International Airport
A male Canadian nationa was found with stimulant drugs and marijuana concealed in his luggage at Narita International Airport on January 8 (NHK)

Morris, who has been accused of violating the Stimulants Control Law and other laws, denies the allegations. “I possessed the cans for eating,” the defendant was quoted by police.

Upon the arrival of Morris, a customs official found the contraband after shaking one of the cans, which was rusty, and noticed something shifting inside.