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Bust of venerable massage parlors follows death of manager

Satoru Kamiyama, center, and two other suspects (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – To be filed under, “Here’s the rub.”

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have busted a pair of so-called “fashion health” massage parlors for operating in prohibited areas in Itabashi and Adachi wards, reports TBS News (July 24).

According to police, Satoru Kamiyama, a manager of the two parlors — Honey Rush By Tanpopo and Strawberry Angel — is alleged to have continued operation despite their locations being in prohibited areas under the adult-entertainment law.

“In taking into consideration salaries for employees and rent for the shops, I couldn’t close,” Kamiyama was quoted by police in admitting to the allegations. Two other employees arrested in the case deny the charges, police said.

Fashion health businesses typically provide oral sex as administered by hostesses attired in uniforms.

Strawberry Angel is located in Adachi Ward

A revision to the adult-entertainment law, which went into effect in 1985, says that the rights to operate such businesses in a currently prohibited area remain vested with the proprietor.

In this case, however, those rights were revoked upon the previous manager’s death last December.

“There are very few places anywhere in Japan where such a business can be legally opened, so many rely on vested rights,” says lawyer Kojiro Hino.

The bust is the first of its kind in Japan, police said.