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Bolivian pair accused of smuggling 8 kg of coca leaves

TOKYO (TR) – A Bolivian man and woman have been accused of smuggling more than 8 kilograms of coca leaves, which can be used to produce cocaine, police said last week, reports TBS News (Feb. 12).

Last month, the two Bolivians, aged 39 and 40, arrived at Haneda Airport with 8.4 kilograms of coca leaves inside several plastic bags concealed inside a suitcase.

A Tokyo Customs official found the contraband packed inside jeans and other items after noticing an organic smell.

A Bolivian man and woman arrived at Haneda Airport last month with 8.4 kilograms of coca leaves (Twitter)

“Since I used the [the leaves] in Bolivia, I thought I’d used [the leaves] in Japan,” one of the pair was quoted.

In Bolivia, coca leaves are regularly used to make tea. However, they are illegal in Japan.

The pair has been indicted for violating the Narcotics Control Law and the Customs Act.