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‘Ame-zing Spider Man’ suspected in break-ins on rainy days

TOKYO (TR) – For this next story, first, a short lesson in Japanese: The word ame means rain.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested a 26-year-old man who is believed to have carried out break-ins in multiple buildings in the capital during foul weather, reports Fuji News Network (Nov. 4).

On a day in April, Hiroki Horiguchi, of no known occupation, allegedly broke into an office on a rooftop of a building near JR Shinjuku Station in Shinjuku Ward and stole 66,000 yen in cash.

That same day, Horiguchi is believed to have spanned the roughly one-meter gaps between other adjoining buildings in the area in attempting other break-ins.

Hiroki Horiguchi (Twitter)

Horiguchi has declined to comment on the allegations, police said.

According to police, Horiguchi is believed to have been behind about 10 such break-ins city-wide, all of which took place on rainy days, including the arrival of Typhoon Hagibis on October 13.

Among law enforcement, Horiguchi became known as “The Ame-zing Spider-Man” due to his proclivity for scaling buildings during break-ins at times of rain.