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School vice principal accused of using pen camera to film sex worker

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police have arrested the vice principal of an elementary school over the alleged illicit filming of a female sex worker at a hotel in Ichinomiya City, reports Fuji News Network (March 21).

At around 3:40 p.m. on Sunday, Hiroshi Iwai, 58, allegedly attempted to use a camera hidden inside a pen to take tosatsu (voyeur) footage of the woman, 28, while she provided him a sex service inside a room of the love hotel.

Upon his arrest on suspicion violating a prefectural public nuisance ordinance, the Iwai admitted to the allegations, the Ichinomiya Police Station said.

Iwai is the vice principal of an elementary school in Gifu City. To film the woman, he mounted the pen inside his bag.

After noticing that she was being filmed, the woman contacted an employee at her service. That employee then arrived at the scene and apprehended Iwai.