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Aichi: 5 nabbed in ¥40 million burglary

AICHI (TR) – Aichi Prefectural Police have arrested five persons over the alleged burglary of 40 million yen in property from a residence in Kasugai City last year, reports TBS News (Aug. 22).

In the early morning hours of a day last October, Seiya Morinaga, 24, and four other persons allegedly broke into the residence and stole 40 million yen in cash and precious metals.

Police did not reveal whether the suspects admit to the allegations.

Seiya Morinaga (Twitter)

The involvement of Morinaga emerged during another investigation. Last month, police first arrested the suspect for driving without a license after a hit-and-run accident left one woman injured in Nagoya’s Minato Ward.

During the burglary, the occupants were taking an overseas trip that extended for two nights. Police are investigating whether Morinaga knew in advance that the residence would be unoccupied.