Tokyo is the capital of Japan

Tokyo: Man accused of murdering elderly homeless woman in Ueno Park

Homeless woman arrived at the park 3 years ago

11 hours ago

Tokyo: Mail order ring used dark web to peddle ‘dangerous drugs’

Customer list with about 500 names was found, police said

6 days ago

Man accused of assaulting girlfriend during break-up discussion

Suspect reportedly threatened, 'Hand over all the money I paid from our dates, including trip fees'

1 month ago

Chiropractor accused of drugging, sexually assaulting, photographing female patient

Search of the residence of the suspect revealed sleeping powder and images of women whose bodies were being touched

1 month ago

Noriyuki Makihara: ‘I haven’t been taking drugs for a long time’

Analysis of the urine of Makihara gave a negative result for stimulant drugs, police added

1 month ago

Newspaper sales agent accused of settling ablaze residence of non-subscriber

Suspect told police, ‘ I was annoyed after they failed to subscribe, so I started the fire’

1 month ago

Tokyo: 7 youths nabbed for Scramble Crossing ride

One youth said, 'We wanted to make fun of the police'

1 month ago

Ex-gov. security officer accused of seriously injuring man while fleeing molestation accusation

Victim suffered a fractured skull; suspect does ‘not recall’ molestation, police said

1 month ago

Tokyo: Nude man enters woman’s residence, attempts rape

Suspect was drunk at the time of the incident, police said

1 month ago