Tokyo is the capital of Japan

Tokyo police: Woman whose corpse found in hotel died due to suffocation

Woman's ankles had been bound with rope and her wrists with adhesive tape, police said

18 hours ago

British woman accused of drug smuggling found with 138 capsules in system

Suspect says that she 'was forced' to swallow the capsules in Thailand

4 days ago

Tokyo: Man, 36, accused of molesting woman in Edogawa

Suspect told police that he had been suffering from 'work stress'

4 days ago

Bar host accused of beating girlfriend inside Kabukicho club

Suspect told police, 'Since she doesn't understand the nature of my job, I flew into a rage'

4 days ago

Tokyo: Woman’s corpse found in bag in Ikebukuro love hotel

Police are treating the case as murder and abandoning a corpse

5 days ago

Bicycle shop employee accused of molesting woman

Security camera footage showed the suspect following the victim prior to the incident, police said

5 days ago

‘Lupin the Third’ fan accused of robbing convenience store with toy gun

Masafumi Hijikata was drunk upon his apprehension early Tuesday, police said

5 days ago

Tokyo cops patrol Kabukicho prior to revision to anti-gang ordinance

Police said, 'We want to create a favorable atmosphere'

6 days ago