News from Japan’s third-biggest city

Osaka: Host pimped girlfriend to cover debts

Girlfriend accumulated her debt at suspect's former club, police said

13 hours ago

Osaka: Man, 44, accused of attacking customer at hostess club with fire extinguisher

Suspect told police, 'I do not know anything about a fire extinguisher'

1 day ago

Osaka cops bust illegal casino in Yodogawa

Casino provided slot wagering on computers connected to a gambling site, police said

7 days ago

Osaka: Man found with knife plunged in chest inside vehicle later dies

Police are treating the case as the result of foul play or a suicide

2 weeks ago

Saitama: Vietnamese national nabbed after stabbing leaves 1 dead, another hurt

Suspect has been accused of attempted murder, police said

2 weeks ago

Osaka: Man, 68, accused of murdering acquaintance

Suspect told police, 'I attacked him as he slept'

2 weeks ago

Osaka cops launch murder case after man, 48, found bludgeoned to death

Victim's head showed signs of having been repeatedly beaten by a blunt object, police said

3 weeks ago

Osaka: Man, 49, shoves male commuter from railway platform

Victim suffered an injury to his back that will require one week to heal, police said

4 weeks ago

Osaka: Man, 33, arrested over stabbing of officer

Victim remains unconscious, police said

1 month ago

British man warned for attempting to ride freight train from Osaka to Fukuoka

Man said, 'I was planning to go to Fukuoka for volunteer work'

1 month ago