News from Kyoto

Kyoto cop accused of possessing marijuana

Suspect told police, 'I had it at home to smoke'

1 week ago

Kyoto: Third man arrested in connection with death of woman

Third suspect denies the allegations, telling police, 'I was at the scene, but I did not help'

4 weeks ago

Kyoto: Drunk priest accused of molesting woman

Victim was not hurt in the incident, police said

4 weeks ago

Kyoto: Cop in fraud division accused in ¥12 million swindle of elderly man

Suspect denies the allegations, telling police, 'To carry out a swindle was not my intention'

1 month ago

Kyoto: Civic employee arrested after woman’s bound corpse found at apartment

Police are seeking to confirm the identity of the body

1 month ago

Australian tourist accused of spraying graffiti in Kyoto

Suspect told police, 'Art is my intention'

2 months ago

Kyoto Tower receives bomb threat by ‘depressed’ woman

Woman said over the telephone, 'I planted a bomb on the viewing platform'

2 months ago

Kyoto: Woman stabbed by 2 men at residence

Victim suffered injuries to an arm and a knee in the slashing, police said

3 months ago

Kyoto: Fisherman finds human head, limbs in stream

Body was clothed in a black jacket and trousers, police said

3 months ago

Kyoto: Middle school girl found with marijuana, 2 tabs of Ecstasy

Girl told police, 'I was troubled by my family and smoked to fall sleep'

4 months ago