Chiba: Man assaults woman who ‘happened to pass by’ with concrete block

Suspect told police that he did 'not intend to kill'

3 months ago

Chiba: Man, 30, fatally stabs father in Sakura

Victim had been slashed in the neck, police said

3 months ago

Chiba: Man, 73, stabbed convenience store clerk during theft

Police arrested the suspect after an examination of security camera footage

3 months ago

Keio University professor accused of stealing women’s underwear

Suspect is a professor in the Department of Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics

4 months ago

Chiba police seek man who assaulted pedestrian after smoking warning

Victim suffered a broken nose, police said

5 months ago

Nepalese man accused of murdering woman whose corpse found on boat

Victim went missing in July, police said

5 months ago

Chiba: Man, 87, accused of fatally stabbing wife

Suspect told police, 'I have no memory of the matter'

5 months ago

Chiba: Illegal pachinko parlor funded organized crime

Officers seized about 50 machines and 1.6 million yen in cash from parlor Seven

6 months ago

Chiba: Corpse found aboard boat identified as Chinese woman

Parents of Wang Xiaoli came to Japan to provide DNA samples, police said

6 months ago

Chiba: Man calls police after ‘strangling daughter to death’

Body of a girl was found covered by a towel from the face to the abdomen

6 months ago