News from Chiba

Chiba: Illegal pachinko parlor funded organized crime

Officers seized about 50 machines and 1.6 million yen in cash from parlor Seven

6 days ago

Chiba: Corpse found aboard boat identified as Chinese woman

Parents of Wang Xiaoli came to Japan to provide DNA samples, police said

1 week ago

Chiba: Man calls police after ‘strangling daughter to death’

Body of a girl was found covered by a towel from the face to the abdomen

2 weeks ago

Chiba: Corpse found on boat suffered stab wounds

Body belongs to a woman who died up to one year ago, police said

4 weeks ago

Chiba: Police to question Nepalese man after corpse found aboard boat

The body, bent at the knees, was packed inside a 1-meter-long box, police said

4 weeks ago

Chiba: Man, 59, found dead with head wound in apartment

Tsutomu Komatsuzaki was found collapsed inside the residence by his older brother on Monday

1 month ago

MSDF staffers accused of assaulting high school girls

Both suspects said that they do 'not recall' the matter since they were drunk at the time, police said

1 month ago

Chiba police: Trio motivated by insurance payout in murder

Three suspects made the victim's death appear to have been an accidental drowning, police said

2 months ago

Chiba: Man lived with corpse of mother for year

Corpse was found seated in a chair in the living room

2 months ago

ASDF candidate accused of sex with high school boy

Suspect met the boy via a social-networking service, police said

2 months ago