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Tokyo: Man, 43, accused of setting fire to door of Shibuya sex business

Suspect denies the allegations, telling police, 'I do not recall'

7 hours ago

Kyoto: Corpse abandonment suspect was ‘in relationship’ with woman

Results of an autopsy revealed that the body of woman, especially her head, had been severely beaten, police said

9 hours ago

Kyoto: Cop in fraud division accused in ¥12 million swindle of elderly man

Suspect denies the allegations, telling police, 'To carry out a swindle was not my intention'

9 hours ago

Saitama: Man, 41, accused of murdering nurse

Suspect told police, 'I held a grudge'

9 hours ago

Chiba: Man, 87, suspected of killing wife before attempting to take own life

Police found two knives that are believed to have been used in the crime at the scene

12 hours ago

Gifu: Gang of 3 robs company president of ¥10 million in parking lot

Two of the assailants sprayed the eyes of the president with an irritant, police said

13 hours ago

U.S. Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant under investigation for allegedly crashing stolen car while drunk

Gunnery Sergeant apologized to owner of vehicle on June 11, police said

14 hours ago

Miyagi police seek help of public in identifying female corpse

In a portrait sketch released on June 13, the woman is shown with short hair

14 hours ago

Osaka: Man, 33, arrested over stabbing of officer

Victim remains unconscious, police said

15 hours ago

Osaka: Man stabs police officer, flees with gun

Officer remains in serious condition at a hospital, police said

2 days ago