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Mei Yamaguchi to ‘get ahead’ of Angela Lee in ‘Unstoppable Dreams’

Yamaguchi, who faces Lee for the Atomweight World Championship title in Singapore next week, said, 'I have to get ahead…

1 year ago

The Destroyer: World’s greatest masked man

Rikidozan told The Destroyer: 'I don't want you coming out on the streets without a mask. I pay you big…

2 years ago

The Destroyer: A heel gets respect in Japan

The Destroyer says: 'I can wrestle a broomstick and make it look good'

2 years ago

Ladies first: AV actor Ittetsu Suzuki talks intimacy, emotion and healthy relationships

"You won’t melt a woman’s heart if you don’t convey to her that you’re jealous because you like her"

2 years ago

Japan’s first soapland bathhouse for foreigners offers wet and wild fun

Gaijins welcome: Get all wet with the perfect soapland experience at Paradise in Kawasaki City

2 years ago

Yakuza arrested after arsenal found in Osaka apartment

Police found eight revolvers, 143 rounds of ammunition, gunpowder and a detonator inside the residence

2 years ago

2 corpses found in vehicle parked in Nikko forest

Bodies found in forest of Nikko City likely belong to man and his wife who went missing on October 3

2 years ago

Nursery school teacher arrested for molesting 5-year-old pupil

Nursery school teacher allegedly touched and licked the lower body of a 5-year-old girl in the toilet of the school…

2 years ago

Tokyo police arrest members of robbery ring that targeted Kanto and Kyushu

Suspects threatened to kill a woman, 73, before stealing ¥190,00 in cash contained in a safe and a bag

2 years ago

Train crushes car attempting to cross at crossing in Tokyo

Tobu Tojo Line train crashed into a vehicle that tried to drive through a train crossing in Itabashi Ward on…

2 years ago