Japan’s organized crime

Yakuza among suspects nabbed over fatal assault in Yokosuka

Suspects surrendered at the Yokosuka Police Station on Wednesday

2 days ago

Hostess club manager nabbed for paying protection money to yakuza

A metropolitan ordinance enacted last October prohibits the payment of protection money to gangsters

3 days ago

Yakuza nabbed for possession of stimulant drugs

Police found the drugs in five plastic bags

5 days ago

Man sought in connection with fraud ring operated by rival yakuza groups

A woman in her 70s living in Chiba Prefecture was swindled out of 3 million yen

6 days ago

Key member in Kodo-kai gangster suspected in fraud ring

Kodo-kai is an affiliate of the Yamaguchi-gumi, Japan's largest gang

6 days ago

Yakuza gang ordered to pay ¥83 million over stabbing of dentist

Two assailants stabbed a male dentist, then 29, in a parking lot in Kitakyushu City in 2014

6 days ago

Yakuza accused of spitting on bar employee after denial of entry

Prior to the incident, the employee told the manager of the bar that the suspect is a gang member

2 weeks ago

NPO for homeless buys yakuza HQ in Kitakyushu

NPO Hoboku plans to use the site as a base for supporting the needy

2 weeks ago

Yakuza headed fraud ring suspected in ¥60 million in swindles

One gangster does ‘not clearly recall’ the matter

2 weeks ago

Mie: Ex-yakuza fires shots at residence of no. 2 Yamaguchi-gumi boss

Suspect said, ‘I hold a grudge against the Kodo-kai’

2 weeks ago