Japan’s organized crime

Okayama: Yakuza nabbed after woman found stabbed in love hotel

Suspect brandished a knife upon the arrival of police

6 days ago

Hiroshima: Yakuza boss, ex-cop accused of blackmail

One suspect said over the telephone, 'Anyone can be killed, even those who pay money can be killed'

6 days ago

Tokyo: Yakuza received ‘protection money’ from illegal casino

Casino targeted Chinese tourists in providing baccarat wagering, police said

1 week ago

Yakuza nabbed in JCB gift certificate scam

Suspect has declined to comment on the allegations, police said

2 weeks ago

Yakuza nabbed for confining, robbing elderly man

Suspects 'do not know' anything about the matter, police said

3 weeks ago

Yakuza sought in izakaya shooting

Male victim is in serious condition, police said

3 weeks ago

Tokyo cops make 10th arrest in ¥83 million heist

Despite the arrests, the location of the money remains unknown

3 weeks ago

Ex-yakuza dressed in drag while at large

Suspect was wearing a women’s wig, black glasses and a brown hat at the time of his capture on July…

4 weeks ago

Yakuza suspected of recruiting for fraud ring

Suspect denies the allegations, telling police he does 'not recall' the matter

4 weeks ago