Japan’s organized crime

Yakuza boss among 7 gangsters not prosecuted for extortion

Suspect demanded 20,000 yen each month from the businesses as ‘relationship’ fees

1 day ago

Yakuza under investigation for drug trafficking also accused of possessing gun

Police found the gun and six rounds of ammunition at the gangster’s residence in Ibaraki Prefecture in February

2 days ago

Yakuza not prosecuted for peddling counterfeit bills

Police believed the gang member was behind at least 50 other incidents that took place in the Tokyo metropolitan area…

6 days ago

Yakuza among 9 nabbed for murder of man whose corpse found buried in mountains

On March 11, police found the victim’s body buried in a mountainous area of Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture

7 days ago

Yakuza accused of slicing off finger of indebted customer of casino

Victim had accumulated a debt of 1 million yen to the operation, police said

2 weeks ago

Yakuza members tussle with police during raid

Police previously found 3 guns inside a rented storage space in Okawa City

3 weeks ago

Tokyo: Second hostess club accused of paying off yakuza

Inagawa-kai member said, ‘I don't want to talk about it at all’

3 weeks ago

Tokyo cops raid yakuza office in fraud investigation

Police also arrested nine persons who are suspected of being members of two fraud rings

4 weeks ago

Toyama: Yakuza accused of extorting illegal casino

Police allege that the suspect knew the funds came from an illegal operation

1 month ago