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Soft On Demand offers 200 titles for free amid coronavirus outbreak

Fans are able to watch actresses like Mana Sakura on SOD Prime for free through March 31
TOKYO (TR) – Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the government has urged persons to refrain from gathering in large groups in hopes of combating the spread.

For its part, adult video (AV) producer Soft On Demand (SOD) has decided to assist persons who chose to remain at home by offering 200 of its titles for free.

The campaign, which runs between March 13 and 31, will allow fans to view titles featuring such actresses as Mana Sakuta and Masami Ichikawa on SOD Prime at no charge.

“We hope our customers can smile a little,” an SOD public relations representative tells Tokyo Sports (Mar. 13).

Masami Ichikawa is among the actresses appearing in titles offered for free by SOD
To give it a go, a user must first register their credit card on SOD Prime. The 200 titles will then be viewable at no charge.

The opportunity has proved to be a hit. According to the Twitter account for SOD Prime, demand was three times normal as of 4:00 p.m. on March 13.

At just before 6:00 p.m. that day, the server crashed, according to SOD’s Twitter account. “Please wait while we perform recovery work,” the SOD account said.

As another part of the campaign, the producer is giving away SOD Basara masturbation aids to 200 registrants.