Coronavirus ‘cluster’ found at Philippine pub boasting ‘safety sticker’

Eight persons connected to Pub Mayon 2 have tested positive for the novel coronavirus

Man wielded knife in attempted robbery of Akasaka convenience store

After a clerk triggered an alarm, the perpetrator fled the scene empty-handed

6 hours ago

Convenience store employee fatally stabbed; attacker commits suicide

It is not known if the attacker was an acquaintance of the female clerk

8 hours ago

Fukuoka: Man with ¥1,000 runs up ¥1 million tab at hostess club

Suspect ordered 16 food and drink items, including sushi, beer, wine and Dom Perignon champagne

12 hours ago

Yui Imaizumi, formerly of Keyakizaka46, tests positive for coronavirus

Imaizumi was among the original 23 members of Keyakizaka46 when the group formed in 2015

24 hours ago

Man rides stolen mamachari 1,000 km from Kumamoto to Hakone

Suspect said, 'Since I am from a remote island and had never been to the capital, I wanted to go…

1 day ago

Ibaraki: Corpse of woman from Saitama found in river

Police are treating the case to be the result of foul play

1 day ago

Hokkaido: Male corpse found in river in Sapporo

Location of the discovery is about 200 meters downstream of the Ishiyamao Bridge

1 day ago

Fukuoka: Police shoot and wound man wielding knife

Neighbor said, 'I heard two shots'

3 days ago