Caught on tape: Man breaks into temple’s offering box

Temple had been victimized by several similar thefts in the past

Tokyo Reporter Staff

Gang of 4 used tear gas in ¥40 million attempted robbery in Taito

Perpetrators sprayed the gas into the faces of two employees of a precious metals shop who were in possession of…

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Fukuoka: Drunk man, 64, nabbed over fatal stabbing of neighbor

Suspect allegedly used a knife to stab the victim, 56, in the abdomen on November 8

Tokyo Reporter Staff

Security camera captures gunman shoot Japanese national in Manila

Masato Ogushi, 67, was shot in the neck by a man on a motorcycle in Manila on November 8

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Chiba: Bird watcher finds woman’s corpse at lake

With gray hair, the woman was attired in a red blouse, blue pants and socks, police said

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Mie: Man sought in ¥150,000 convenience store robbery

Suspect entered an outlet of Family Market in Yokkaichi City and thrust a knife at a female cashier

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Number of North Korean boats washing ashore to set record

Yoshihide Suga said, 'We will continue to take all possible measures to ensure public security'

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Suicides spiking in Kabukicho after woman’s fatal fall

Tokyo Sports claims 8 persons either committed suicide or attempted to by leaping from buildings in Kabukicho in October

Amy Takahashi

Man arrested over stabbing of woman in Yokohama ‘wanted money’

Suspect came up behind the victim and stabbed her in the back on a street in a shopping district in…

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Mac Akasaka not prosecuted over alleged rape of female supporter

Politician was accused of sexually assaulting a female supporter at his residence in Minato Ward in 2016

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