Ex-comedian accused of stalking current comedian Ryo Fukawa

18 hours ago

Suspect told police, 'Since I like Mr. Fukawa, I wanted to get married'

Saitama surgeon accused of molesting man

Suspect told police, 'I touched him out of curiosity'

19 hours ago

Man, 43, sought over road-rage incident nabbed in Osaka

Suspect is shown repeatedly punching another driver in dash cam footage

19 hours ago

Man, woman die in love hotel bathroom in apparent double suicide

Burned charcoal briquettes were found along with the persons inside the toilet of the room, police said

1 day ago

Tochigi: Woman’s corpse found in irrigation canal

Woman was not wearing a shirt or shoes, police said

2 days ago

Vietnamese man sprays NHK fee collector with fire extinguisher

Suspect told police, 'I didn't know what the other party was saying'

2 days ago

Man threatens to ‘beat to death’ securities employee after investment loss

Suspect told police, 'I definitely said, "I'll beat you to death"'

2 days ago

School teacher accused planting spy cam in girl’s locker room

Suspect told police, 'Taking photographs was not my intention'

2 days ago

Woman seriously hurt in bag-snatching incident

Injuries are expected to require six months to heal, police said

2 days ago

Saitama police officer accused of molesting woman

Suspect told police, 'Since she was my type, I touched her'

3 days ago