Tokyo cops seek whereabouts of man after father found fatally beaten

Colleague of victim visited a police box after he failed to appear at work

Yoshimoto Kogyo suspends 11 comedians over ‘anti-social’ party

Ryo Tamura of duo London Boots said, 'I will look inwardly and strive to be a person who will never…

2 days ago

Kanagawa fugitive: Makoto Kobayashi tests positive for stimulant drugs

Convict was on the run for 5 days before being captured in Yokosuka City on Sunday

2 days ago

Hikikomori shut-in lived with corpse of father, only left residence for idol concert

Suspect told police, 'I did not want to think about the future and I left him as is'

2 days ago

Tokyo: Yakuza among 5 nabbed for fraud

Suspects are members of fraud ring running a scam known as ore ore sagi, police said

2 days ago

Tokyo City University professor accused of using stimulant drugs

Professor was handed a suspended prison term for the possession of stimulant drugs last year

2 days ago

Nagasaki: Female civic employee accused of uploading nude clips

Suspect allegedly uploaded two video files of herself in which her genitals were not obscured to the site FC2 Doga

2 days ago

Aichi: Man in custody after Nagoya stabbing leaves pair dead

Cause of death of both men was shock due to loss of blood, police said

2 days ago

Tokyo: Man, 68, suspected in 40 pickpocketing incidents

Suspect allegedly stole a wallet containing 10,000 yen from a backpack belonging to a male commuter inside a Chuo Line…

3 days ago