Gunma: Male employee at DVD shop found murdered

Man was found collapsed face-down and bleeding, police said

Trio accused in theft of ¥38 million in cash from man in Nagoya

In addition to cash, an officially registered seal was inside a bag stolen by the trio, police said

3 hours ago

Chiba fireman gave girl present in exchange for sex

Police began investigating the suspect noticing an online exchange between him and the girl

5 hours ago

Saitama: Man, 40, fatally bashed mother before attempting suicide

Suspect told police, 'I was worn out from nursing my mother'

5 hours ago

Tokyo: Girl, 19 arrested after discovery of infant’s corpse

Girl told police, 'At the end of September, I gave birth in the residence, but the child did not make…

6 hours ago

Chinese massage parlor employee accused of molesting female customer

Suspect denies the allegations, telling police, 'I might have made contract with my hand, but I didn't intend to touch'

8 hours ago

Tokyo: ‘Irritated’ man stabs pedestrian in Ikebukuro

Suspect told police, 'After he laughed while imitating my gesture, I got irritated and stabbed him'

9 hours ago

‘Foreigner’ suspected in Shimbashi lotto theft

Woman working at a booth selling tickets found 2 million yen missing on Monday, police said

9 hours ago

‘Ex-charisma beauty stylist’ accused of sexually assaulting woman

Suspect 'does not recall' the matter, police said

10 hours ago

Man shown fleeing police officer in video accused of possessing marijuana

Suspect allegedly possessed about 1 gram of marijuana inside his vehicle, police said

10 hours ago