Elderly man on welfare pulls knife at Shibuya Ward office

‘I'll kill you!’ he reportedly shouted at one staff member

22 hours ago

Newspaper sales agent accused of settling ablaze residence of non-subscriber

Suspect told police, ‘ I was annoyed after they failed to subscribe, so I started the fire’

22 hours ago

Philippine pubs in Gunma accused of immigration violations

Suspects confiscated the passports of the Filipino women so they could not return home, police said

23 hours ago

Tokyo: 7 youths nabbed for Scramble Crossing ride

One youth said, 'We wanted to make fun of the police'

24 hours ago

Tokyo: Bank employee opened account for person met on underground site

Suspect told police, ‘I did it to repay debt’

1 day ago

Osaka: Twin brothers accused of separately raping 8-year-old girl

Neither suspect was aware of the actions of the other until the start of the investigation, police said

1 day ago

Member of fraud ring used konbini copier to make fake police I.D.

Suspect told police, ‘ I was trying to impersonate a police officer’

2 days ago

Brother of actress Saki Takaoka accused of tax evasion

Kentaro Takaoka claims, ‘ The transactions were just’

2 days ago

Peruvian man files suit after immigration handcuffed him for 14 hours

Plaintiff’s lawyer said, ‘ I feel the bureau's attitude toward foreigners is discriminatory’

2 days ago