Tokyo: Shinjuku consulting company in ¥36 million tax probe

Kazuhisa Odo (left) and Kiyotoshi Aoyama (Twitter)
TOKYO (TR) – The special investigation department of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office on Wednesday accused a consulting company in Shinjuku Ward of evading 36 million yen in taxes, reports TV Asahi (Feb. 7).

Over a two-year period ending in April of 2016, Kazuhisa Odo, the 43-year-old manager of ACS and representative director Kiyotoshi Aoyama, 43, concealed 150 million yen in income in evading a total of 36 million yen in corporate taxes.

During questioning, the suspects denied the allegations.

According to the department, the pair created fictitious advertising expenses to under report income.

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