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Tokyo cops: Shinagawa stabbing victims resisted attack

Two persons were found stabbed to death in the residence they shared in Shinagawa Ward on Monday (Fuji News Network)

TOKYO (TR) – Investigative sources with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police have revealed that the two male and female victims in a stabbing incident at the residence they shared in Shinagawa Ward made efforts to fight off their attacker, reports TBS News (July 11).

On Monday, police working on a tip found the bodies of Shinobu Inoue, 75, and Shigeharu Sugano, 52, with stab wounds to the chest and neck inside the second floor of the residence, located in the Nishioi area. Both bodies were clothed in pajamas.

According to the sources, the bodies of Inoue, found collapsed in a corridor, and Sugano, discovered in a bedroom, had several gashes on their arms that were likely incurred in self-defense. As well, a knife whose blade was bent at the base was found in a sink in the kitchen, also located on the second floor, according to Fuji News Network (July 11).

Given the stage of decay of the bodies, police suspect both persons had been dead for several days before the discovery. A relative of one of the victims told police that they were last in contact on July 6.

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