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Kanagawa cops: Third grade girl punched in the head by unknown person

An unknown suspect punched a third-grader in the head from behind in Yokosuka City (Nippon News Network)

KANAGAWA (TR) – A female elementary school student was punched in the head from behind while walking home alone in Yokosuka City, police said on Monday.

Police have dispatched over 50 personnel to track down the unknown suspect who used a blunt weapon to punch the third-grader on the right side of her head at around 3:40 p.m., Nippon News Network reports (Jan. 23).

The girl’s family called police after she ran home. She was transported to a hospital with light injuries that are expected to require one week to heal.

The suspect is described as being aged between 20 and 40. He is wanted on suspicion of causing an incident resulting in injury, reports TBS News (Jan. 24).

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