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Gifu cops hunt for man over ¥540,000 robbery at gas station

A knife-wielding man stole 540,000 yen from a gas station in Isezaki City (TBS News)

GUNMA (TR) – Police are hunting for a knife-wielding man who stole more than half a million yen from a gas station in Isezaki City on Sunday night after restraining a worker with duct tape.

The suspect barged into the gas station’s office at around 1:30 a.m. and threatened the 25-year-old male worker with a fruit knife, demanding he hand over cash, TBS News reports (Jan. 22).

Restraining the unharmed worker with duct tape, the suspect snatched some 540,000 yen and five tobacco cartons before fleeing the scene.

The suspect is in his teens or twenties and around 170 centimeters tall, and was last seen with blond hair, police said.

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