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Tokyo cops: Woman shoves man, knocks him unconscious

A woman shoved a male acquaintance near Shinagawa Station during an argument and knocked him unconscious (TBS News)

TOKYO (TR) – A woman shoved a male acquaintance during an argument, leaving him unconscious after he struck his head when he fell, police said on Sunday.

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested Ikue Nishikawa, 54, for allegedly shoving the 54-year-old who suffered a blow to the back of his head when he fell on a street near Shinagawa Station on Friday night, TBS News reports (Jan. 15).

The man remains unconscious in serious condition after he was rushed to a hospital, police said.

Nishika told a responding officer that she shoved the man, but is now denying the charges.

“The facts of the arrest are wrong,” Nishika was quoted as telling police.

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