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Taiwanese national ‘had no idea’ ¥140 mil. in drugs strapped to torso

Police have accused a Taiwanese national of smuggling 140 million yen in stimulant drugs into Japan by strapping the contraband to his body

OSAKA (TR) – A man told police he didn’t know how more than 100 million yen worth of kakuseizai, or stimulant drugs, became wrapped around his body after a search revealed the contraband at Kansai International Airport, TV Asahi reported on Friday (Jan. 6).

Chin Fan Chen, 45, was charged with violating the Stimulant Control Law for allegedly attempting to smuggle about two kilograms of the drugs worth 140 million yen through Kansai International Airport from Taiwan on December 15.

Chen told police the drugs were “wrapped around me while I was drunk from alcohol. I had no idea until I was searched.”

Police are also investigating the possibility that the suspect was trying to sell the drugs.

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