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Tokyo cops: Chinese hostesses get man drunk, steal money

Two Chinese hostesses were held for stealing cash from a man in Tokyo

TOKYO (TR) – Two Chinese hostesses are charged with plying a customer with strong alcoholic drinks and robbing him of 190,000 yen, police said on Wednesday, in a case that could be tied to similar incidents.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department arrested the hostesses, aged 31 and 26, for allegedly stealing 190,000 yen in cash from a 41-year-old male customer on a road in Akabane, Kita Ward, TV Asahi reports (November 16).

The pair, who work at the hostess bar, deny the charges, with police quoting them as saying they “don’t recall” getting the customer drunk by forcing strong alcoholic drinks on him.

The incident could be connected to six other similar robberies that used the same method in downtown Akabane since June, police said.

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