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Hiroshima cops: 1-year-old killed by car while playing on road

A 1-year-old boy was killed after being hit by a car in Hiroshima City (Nippon News Network)

HIROSHIMA (TR) – A 1-year-old boy was killed in Hiroshima City after he was struck by a car in front of his home, police said on Saturday.

Police arrested Emi Hirota, 42, for allegedly striking Tsubasa Ouhama, 1, on a road in front of his home at around 3 p.m. in Saeki Ward, Nippon News Network reports (Nov. 12).

Hirota, who has been charged with negligent driving resulting in injury, admits to the charges, telling police she was on her way home when she struck Ouhama, who was squatting on the road and playing.

The child was rushed to a hospital after suffering a strong blow to the head but died some 2.5 hours later, police said.

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