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City in Mie to halt school lunches for 2 days over soaring vegetable prices

A city in Mie Prefecture is halting meals at public elementary schools and kindergartens for two days over rising vegetable prices (TBS News)

MIE (TR) – Public elementary schools and kindergartens in Suzuka City will suspend school lunches on two days to cut costs in the wake of soaring vegetable prices, education officials said on Wednesday.

The Board of Education in Suzuka City decided to suspend school lunches at 30 elementary schools and 13 kindergartens on December 20 this year and January 12 in the face of mounting losses reported by some institutions due to soaring vegetable prices, NHK reports (November 2).

The decision was made despite the city collecting a monthly lunch fee of 4,100 yen from each student.

Each school and kindergarten will decide whether to have their students bring packed lunches from home or finish classes early on the two dates, education officials said.

“We looked into raising the lunch money fees, but we decided against it because of the financial burden on parents,” education officials said. “We ask for everyone’s understanding because this measure was decided based on being able to provide safe and secure meals centered on city- or prefecture-made produce.”

Yuko Higuchi, 33, a woman whose daughter attends one of the elementary schools, said she was told her daughter’s school would be ending classes early on both days.

“I’ve been watching vegetable prices rise at supermarkets, so frankly I feel like this is inevitable,” Higuchi said.

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