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Aomori suicide: Boy penned 10-page note that identifies bully

A middle school student in Aomori Prefecture committed suicide earlier this month possibly due to bullying

AOMORI (TR) – A boy from Kamikata Middle School in the town of Tohoku who reportedly committed suicide earlier this month wrote in a note that he would have lived longer if he wasn’t being bullied, the Sankei Shimbun reported on Sunday (Aug. 28).

The 12-year-old boy wrote in his suicide note that he “would’ve lived more if there was no bullying, how sad” and also mentioned the name of the bully, his parents told NHK.

The boy’s parents were sorting through his belongings when they found his suicide note, written on both sides of five sheets of postcard-size paper.

The bereaved family has submitted photocopies of the suicide note to police.

Education officials in Tohoku are investigating the case as possible suicide because of bullying.

Ryuji Urushido, the superintendent of Tohoku, visited the bereaved family’s home to offer his condolences and receive copies of the suicide note on Sunday.

“We’re going to hold a thorough investigation to determine if bullying was the cause or if there were other reasons and inform the bereaved family of the conclusion,” Urushido was quoted as saying by NHK. “Hopefully all possible measures will be taken so something like this won’t ever happen again.”

Kamikata school officials were told by the boy’s mom in June that he was “being bullying by a certain student, who would kick my son’s chair during class.”

School officials questioned the boy’s classmates, but failed to ascertain the facts.

The boy’s father, who found his son hanging in a hut on their property on August 19, has filed a complaint against the school that bullying was probably the cause.

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