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Tokyo cops nab pair in ¥12 million robbery of convenience store employee

Police allege a male convenience store employee was robbed by 2 men on a motorcycle (NHK)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have arrested two men for the robbery of more than 10 million yen from a convenience store employee in Shinagawa Ward earlier this year, reports NHK (Aug. 17).

In February, Hidetoshi Takada, 39, and Koji Watanabe, 32, used a motorcycle to approached the employee, 28, from behind on a road stole a bag containing 12 million yen in cash.

Both suspects deny the charges.

At the time of the robbery, the employee was headed to a bank to deposit sales from the store. In committing the alleged crime, Watanabe drove the motorcycle and Takada snatched the bag.

In identifying the suspects as persons of interest, police examined surveillance camera footage taken in the area of the crime.

Police are now attempting to determine whether the suspects, both of whom were arrested previously for a fraud case, had inside information about when the convenience store deposited cash at the bank.

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