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Shiga cop disciplined over workplace bullying

A lieutenant of the Shiga Prefectural Police used a ladle and ruler to whack a subordinate (

SHIGA (TR) – A senior police officer received disciplinary action for making fun of his subordinate’s hair by whacking his head multiple times with a steel ladle and a ruler, the Asahi Shimbun reported on Thursday (July 28).

The individual, a male lieutenant of Shiga Prefectural Police in his 50s, used a ladle and ruler to whack his subordinate in his 20s in the head several times during a gathering at a restaurant as well as at their workplace between late March and early April.

The victim notified his superiors and has been on a leave of absence since April. The disciplinary action was dated July 11.

The lieutenant, who has admitted to the charges, said he was making fun of his subordinate’s hair and trying to lighten up the workplace as well as provide guidance over the subordinate’s mistakes.

“I deeply regret that I caused mental distress,” the Asahi quoted the lieutenant as saying.

A senior police source told the Sankei Shimbun there will be “lessons on code of conduct to prevent harassment of staff.”

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