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Ibaraki cops nab man for stalking, harassing ex-girlfriend

An Ibaraki man was arrested for violating the Anti-Stalking Law after he harassed his ex-girlfriend

IBARAKI (TR) – A man was arrested for persistently messaging his former dating partner after he showed up at her workplace, the Sankei Shimbun reported on Tuesday (July 12).

Yuki City police arrested Hiroyuki Numata, 38, of Yamakawashinjuku for violating the Anti-Stalking Law by repeatedly sending messages via Twitter to his former dating partner, a female university student in her 20s who lives in Tokyo.

Numata, who is unemployed, admitted to the charges and told police, “I just wanted us to get back together.”

The woman refused his advances, but Numata kept sending her messages since March. The victim reached out to police after he showed up at her part-time workplace in June.

Numata sent his former partner a total of five tweets that included messages like “Let me just hear your voice even if we can’t meet” and “I’m going to end up going straight to your home.”

The suspect met the woman about three years ago, and they dated until last December.

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