25,000 cops patrol Tokyo red-light areas…all at once

25,000 police officers descended upon red-light districts on Tuesday
25,000 police officers descended upon red-light districts on Tuesday
Starting at 6:20 p.m., hundreds of officers and volunteers and police dogs walked one kilometer through the streets of the Kabukicho area of Shinjuku Ward to warn against such crimes as purse-snatchings and convenience store robberies.

“With an eye on the 2020 Olympic Games, we are strengthening our crackdown on the money-making activities of lawless foreigners and organized crime groups in entertainment areas,” said Kiyotaka Takahashi, the superintendent general of the Tokyo police.

Starting on December 20, law enforcement began a special patrol of Kabukicho due to the expected surge in visitors over the next two weeks due to year-end bonenkai parties. The patrol will conclude on January 3.

Also on Tuesday evening, Fumio Yamashita, the deputy superintendent general of the Tokyo police, initiated a similar patrol through the Ikebukuro entertainment area.

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    • Don’t worry, that’s “just” a number. Lying is such a habit they don’t care. The important is being popular showing how “weird” Japan is.

  1. If they cracked down on the lawless money making ventures by Japanese, Tokyo would shut down. So by all means target the foreigners. Japanese do the crime, foreigners do the time. Japanese are the ones robbing the convenience stores. Yet, they overcharge you and refuse to give you a receipt.

  2. These publicity stunts don’t mean squat unless perps are charged convicted and sentenced to prison terms – and that rarely happens in japan – the most anyone gets is a suspended sentence, all j-officials are perv dirtbags, referred to as tax thieves by compatriots.

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