Tokyo cops crack down on clubs ripping off foreigners in Roppongi

Azubuike Onyama
Azubuike Onyama

TOKYO (TR) – As a part of a crackdown on bars defrauding foreign customers in the Roppongi area, Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Wednesday busted a hostess club for threatening a male customer, reports TBS News (Nov. 12).

In September, Azubuike Onyama, a 47-year-old employee at club Desire, allegedly chased the customer, a 30-year-old German national, after he fled the premises after refusing to pay a bill of roughly 120,000 yen.

Onyama apprehended the customer 200 meters from the bar. The suspect then attempted to drag him. He also stole the his mobile phone.

Onyama, who is a Nigerian national, denies the charges.

Since the start of the year, police have received 17 complaints of bottakuri, or bill padding, in Roppongi. Of those cases, 16 have been lodged by foreigners.

One common means of inflating a bill is to charge customers without their knowledge for drinks consumed by hostesses. At club Desire, such drinks are priced at 3,000 yen each, according to Fuji News Network (Nov. 12).

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  1. So…. Does it make anyone crazy that those Nigerian dudes basically acost you in roppongi? What idiot thinks somehow those guys are a good idea to market your club in japan… They are annoying as hell.

  2. Honestly, you have to have some common sense. Shady dude approaches you on the street with promises of girls and cheap/free drinks and a good time….you follow said dude to some random place…what do you expect to happen? cover your own ass!

    it’s wrong on all accounts but it seems that people tend to put themselves in these situations

  3. Just came back from my Japan trip 3 days ago. And I have to say the way these shady guys approach you is very aggressive so aggressive that I ended up pushing a nigerian dude because I thought he was going to try something sketchy, of course I was soon surrounded by 2 of his friends lucky enough I had 2 other friends with me (and a 3rd one just a few feet away) and one of my friends calmed down the situation but this happened in the middle of the street and, we were ready to defend ourselves at all cost I thought it would be unlikely they wanted to attract attention in the middle of the street with all the bystanders and we stood our ground. In any case I would definitely return to Japan and recommend it to anyone it was unfortunate we ended in kabukicho no knowing what it was or where were we, but also I was wondering why the police does not do anything about the situation… This was a huge disappointment and I will try to be more aware of places in Japan. I am just surprised there are not more altercations with the nigerians, if someone approached me the same way where I come from as they did in kabukicho there would more people getting hurt.

  4. I was ripped off in roppongi .. At a regular club
    I was also give some type of drug
    They tried to charge my credit card several times. After the second one was declined they asked for another and did the same… Total nearly 8000.00 dollars of fraudulent credit cards. I cancelled them but now I’m Tokyo with no credit cards… So the honest merchants will lose out on my business.

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