Tokyo cops bust biggest ‘dangerous drugs’ trader

Masashi Yokouchi
Masashi Yokouchi

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Wednesday announced the break up of the biggest ring in the sale of so-called “dangerous drugs” on the Internet, reports the Sankei Shimbun (June 10).

Police accused Masashi Yokouchi, 33, and four other suspects for the sale of the illegal drugs via six sites, including Skull 69 Tokyo, from an office inside an apartment in Yashio City, Saitama Prefecture.

A search of another apartment that served as a warehouse in Kawaguchi City revealed 700 packages of 50 different types of contraband.

Dangerous drugs are sold in packets as a combination of chemicals whose structures are often able to exploit legal loopholes and organic material.

Four of the suspects, who have been charged with violating the narcotics control law, have denied the allegations while one has admitted to the charges.

Skull 69 Tokyo offered 24-hour ordering and free delivery within the 23 wards of Tokyo for purchases over 10,000 yen.

Since January of last year, sales through the sites have totaled more than one billion yen. Police believe that the accumulated sales through the sites operated by the suspects account for more than half of the nationwide dangerous drugs market.

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  1. What I wonder (also with silkroad back in the days):

    1. What on earth are they thinking when running a website in the open that anyone, including the police can access?

    2. How on earth do people find these sites? googling?

  2. 1: Main differences with Silk Road is that:
    * Silk Road was not “in the open” but hidden through the TOR network, making it way more anonymous.
    * The operators of Silk Road (supposedly) was not involved in the direct trade at all. It was just a marketplace, like eBay.

    2. Word of mouth, on- or offline. I guess you could also find Skull 69 through Google.

    But yeah, in the case of Skull 69 it does seem very careless.

  3. Thank you for removing these pedophile drug dealers. That is exactly what they are too. The drug industries pedophiles. Perhaps you could offer rewards to turn in these scumbags. Example: Turn in your drug dealer and upon conviction you get all of their assets. At least share the assets to encourage folks to turn in the scum.

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