Ex-AKB48 member Risa Naruse to make her AV debut

'National Idol'
‘National Idol’

Yet another former member of the wildly popular idol group AKB48 will debut in porn, reports Shukan Jitsuwa (Sept. 26).

On October 1, AV label Muteki is scheduled to release “National Idol,” which stars Haruna Aisaka. The magazine says the actress in the film is 20-year-old Risa Naruse, who joined AKB48 in 2007 and departed two years later due to health-related problems.

“This is the first time for her to be photographed in a bikini, nude and being kissed,” says the label’s site. “The DVD is full of surprises, such as images of her face-to-face with male genitalia.”

Of the three teams within AKB48, Naruse was formerly in unit K. On the front of the DVD package is the text “Aitakatta” (I Missed You), the name of the anthem of the all-girl group.

Naruse is the third ex-member of the group to enter the porn industry. In February, Eri Takamatsu adopted the name Risa Tachibana for her debut release on Soft On Demand Create. She starred in a total of six films before retiring.

Three years ago, Rina Nakanishi appeared began her career as Riko Yamaguchi. She appeared in a total 15 films for labels Alice Japan SOD.

An industry insider tells Shukan Jitsuwa that Naruse’s 100-minute disc would need to ship 100,000 units to reach hit status — a definitive test as to whether her fans indeed missed her. (K.N.)

Source: “Moto AKB48 densetsu no bishojo Naruse Risa AV debyuu,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Sept. 26, pages 38-41)

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