Radiation from damaged TEPCO nuclear plant in Fukushima makes its way into baby formula, AP says

TOKYO (TR) – Hundreds of thousands of cans of powdered baby formula produced by food maker Meiji Co. have been recalled after traces of radiation leaked from the damaged nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan were detected, the Associated Press reported.

The company and government officials said the amount of radiation discovered in the powdered milk manufactured in Saitama Prefecture between March and April with an October 2012 expiration date was well below the government safety limit, and should pose no harm to infants, according to the AP. Meiji said it does not know how many cans have reached customers.

“We are exchanging it so that people can feel their infants are safe,” the AP cited Meiji as saying in a statement. A Meiji spokesman said none of the baby formula that the company exports to Vietnam suffered contamination.

Radiation release from Tokyo Electric Power Company’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, which was damaged by the March 11, earthquake and tsunami, has previously been detected in food products such as rice and fish. The AP reported experts as saying children and infants are at greater risk than adults of developing cancer and other illnesses after exposure.

Source: AP

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