Bust of Gas Panic bars in Roppongi due to ‘poorly behaving’ foreigners

Bust of Gas Panic bars in Roppongi due to 'poorly behaving' foreigners
Police arrested managers Hidenori Wakita, 36, and Fumiki Nishihata, 35, for allowing dancing after 1 a.m.

TOKYO (TR) – The weekend bust of two popular nightclubs within the Gas Panic chain was due to the presence of undesirable foreigners, reports Nikkan Gendai (Nov. 30).

Early Sunday morning, Tokyo Metropolitan Police entered clubs Gas Panic Bar and Club 99 in the Roppongi entertainment district and arrested managers Hidenori Wakita, 36, and Fumiki Nishihata, 35, for allowing dancing in violation of the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses.

A journalist who covers the adult entertainment industry says the chain of foreigner-frequented bars is popular for those on low budgets, but in recent times police have been taking notice of trouble. “Recently, poorly behaving foreigners from the Middle East and South-East Asia have started showing up,” says the source. “They make others not want to come around, and maybe some neighbors complained.”

The tabloid says that the raid of Gas Panic Bar occurred just before 2 a.m. “There were close to 200 customers in the place,” says a salaryman present at the time. “As the name says, it was a panic. At first, I thought they were targeting drugs or gangs. I was stunned that it was due to licensing problems since this sort of thing has been going on for 20 years.”

The issue concerns the type of license. Establishments within the Gas Panic chain are licensed as bars, which under the Law Regulating Adult Entertainment Businesses are not allowed to provide entertainment, such as dancing, without special authorization.

This was the second arrest in two years for Wakita. In 2009, police found similar violations at Club 99 and GP Bar, which is also within the Gas Panic chain, and took the manager into custody. After that, Gas Panic Bar installed a security camera at the door to alert management to turn the music down if police appeared.

Wakita was eventually convicted.

This latest bust sends a message, continues the adult-entertainment journalist. “The crackdown will expand,” the writer says. “There are tens of thousands of improperly licensed clubs. Gas Panic is a big name, and they have continued to ignore warnings. Perhaps the police are taking a step forward to show the serious consequences to everyone else.”

東京・六本木の有名ダンスクラブ 違法営業で摘発

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  1. If “presence of undesirable foreigners” (aka jingai 人害 or human pollution) is enough to shut a club down in Tokyo…then all clubs could shut them all down, LOL! But seriously Japan needs to do away with that ill-advised, obsolete law that all dancing must stop by 1 am.

    Instead make it a law that there is a jingai 人害 limit of five per any one club, that way they could take out the less desirables, LOL.

  2. I smell some sort of racism in this article. Saying that Middle Eastern and SE Asian customers where the ones behaving badly. From the last time I checked, mostly western people where there and sounding for no reason while crossing the pedestrian. And you might check as well the video, who were the people there.

  3. This is the dumbest news ever ! And why did you write that it had to do with badly behaving foreigners ? It obviously said it was because of dancing ~

    • The tabloid is basically saying the cops are using the dance excuse to bust the place because foreigners may have been causing trouble.

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