Dateline Seoul: Chagrined Korean customs confiscate contraband capsules from China composed of human DNA

Sanspo Sept. 23
Sanspo Sept. 23
In shocking revelations that put a completely new spin on the late, great Big Bopper’s immortal lyrics that went, “Ohhhh baby, you know what I like!” Sankei Sports (Sep. 23) cites the latest kinks from the land of kimchi.

According to reports from Seoul’s SBS TV network, South Korean customs intercepted “seven or eight” packages mailed from mainland China. The parcels contained hundreds of capsules filled with a powdered substance that, upon analysis at the national scientific laboratory, was found to contain human DNA.

A source in the customs agency was quoted as saying the powder was believed to have been extracted from the corpses of unborn fetuses or dead infants. While full details were lacking, the report indicated that several members of China’s ethnic Korean minority had been arrested on unspecified charges.

The shipments from China were allegedly mailed to a group that distributed the capsules secretly via Seoul drug markets.

The SBS report followed an article appearing in the August issue of the Korean monthly magazine “Sin Dong-a,” which reported that customs had intercepted “capsules of human flesh,” which were being surreptitiously imported and sold. (K.S.)

Source: “‘Jinniku kapuseru’ Kankoku ni ryuunyuu,” Sankei Sports (Sept. 23, page 20)

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