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Nikkan Gendai July 2
Nikkan Gendai July 2
On June 26, a 39-year-old man employed by a local bank made use of the women’s dressing room at a hotel swimming pool in the resort town of Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, and was arrested for his troubles.

As reported in Nikkan Gendai (July 2), Tetsuo Shimoyama’s apparent purpose, however, was not to sneak peeks at women in the buff, as one might expect, but rather to be seen as one of the gals himself.

“The man has a cross-dressing fetish,” explains a police source. “For him, women hold no sexual appeal at all. He’s a dyed-in-the-wool okama (queer).

“On the day of his arrest, he appeared at the hotel reception wearing a woman’s wig, signed in as a woman and headed for the women’s dressing room. He put on a one-piece bathing suit and headed for the pool, and began taking photos of himself.

“A member of the hotel staff noticed Shimoyama strutting about and summoned the police. He put up no resistance and fully admitted to being male.”

According to the same source, Shimoyama later told police, “I like to dress up as a woman and wanted to be seen in my swimsuit.” He stands about 170 centimeters in height and as he wore no cosmetics it was plain to anyone that he was not female.

No female customers filed complaints and the arrest was on the charge of trespassing. (K.S.)

Source: “Josho otoko no doki wa ‘mitehoshikatta,'” Nikkan Gendai (July 2, page 4)

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