Japanese gals flock to Bali’s Beach Boys for lots of Fun, Fun, Fun

Cowboys in Paradise
“Cowboys in Paradise”

Singapore-based writer and director Amit Virmani’s documentary film, “Cowboys in Paradise,” takes up the subject of “beach gigolos” at the Indonesian resort of Bali.

Nikkan Gendai (May 11) reports that Virmani got the idea for his film after learning that the young hunks were hitting the books to learn conversational Japanese.

The documentary has been vociferously denounced by provincial governor Pastika as being illegal “because it had been shot without permission.”

Police responded by charging 28 local males with engaging in prostitution.

“Bali originally became popular during the years of the ‘bubble economy,’ when Japanese women who’d made a killing in the stock market would fly down there to get massages,” says “pink” journalist Yukio Murakami. “They would call men to their hotel rooms for sensual massages to their breasts and bottoms.

“Then at some point the transaction turned into sex for money,” he continues. “Currently there are about 200 of these gigolo groups in operation. The men are trained from childhood in ways to please women. They’ll exercise their tongues by licking the bottom of a cup, which extends the length, enabling them to tongue women deep into their vaginas. The sensation is supposedly even better than penile penetration.

“The going rate for a sex session is 5,000 Japanese yen,” says Murakami, adding, “The cheaper groups charge as little as 2,000 yen. A full-day 24-hour course runs about 10,000 yen.”

Among Japanese OLs, the demand for Balinese beach boys peaked about 10 years ago. Now, says Murakami, it’s Japan’s sex industry workers who vacation there.

“They started going from four or five years ago,” he says. “Particularly girls working in shops that don’t engage in honban (intercourse) with the customers feel the need to relive stress, so they buy men. Many of them feel a sense of pride that they are more affluent than office workers, and will pay the beach boys double the going rate, exhorting them to extra efforts while they just lie back and enjoy getting the royal treatment.”

Gals going to Bali typically travel in pairs, and one can sometimes be heard boasting to her companion, “Last night I got off 10 times.”

Truly a national shame, Nikkan Gendai clucks disapprovingly. (K.S.)

Source: “Ihou sukautoman no arasegi,” Nikkan Gendai (May 11, page 5)

Note: Brief extracts from Japanese vernacular media in the public domain that appear here were translated and summarized under the principle of “fair use.” Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the translations. However, we are not responsible for the veracity of their contents. The activities of individuals described herein should not be construed as “typical” behavior of Japanese people nor reflect the intention to portray the country in a negative manner. Our sole aim is to provide examples of various types of reading matter enjoyed by Japanese.



  1. Japanese cheap women are actually “Shame of Asia”! Too much too often while traveling overseas many other Asian national ladies are mistaken and approached by men who try to flirt in Japanese language. Because these men know Japanese women are easy to get and can be going as nasty as themselves while unfortunately to other Asian ladies, it is simply series of harassments!!

    Yes, and Japanese females tend to travel in pairs so that they dare enough to be engaged in as-wild-as-possible adventures “together” on a foreign exotic land yet “separately” with their own foreign male companion . Plenty of them can also be easily observed in Guam and Hawaii…, not only Bali or Phuket!

    It is nothing to feel proud about at all, and these Japanese gals are just imitating their Japanese grandpa or ojisan sex touring overseas, but only in a even worse terribly wrong manner.

    Shame! Shame! Shame Japanese Chicks!! You owe apologies to all Asian women!!

  2. @Boo!, don’t forget about the Korean women who come to Japan and work in the “pink” business while on their 90 day “tourist visas” just to make some extra cash. It’s not just limited to Japanese women, nor just Asian women at all. I’m pretty sure women from almost all countries “let loose” while in a foreign land.

  3. It is also a shame, many Japanese women don’t get sex from their husbands after having a child, because they are supposed to be a mother and not a lover anymore.

  4. I’m curious. Why is women traveling for ‘fun, fun, fun’ a matter of national shame Okay, I accept there are certain cultural taboos. But surely the number of Japanese male sex tourists outnumber the female ones.

    @JapanSoc The film does feature some Japanese women and present their points-of-view. But it doesn’t focus on any single nationality. Just a clarification :)

  5. I wrote an article “Riders of the Seas – Kuta Cowboys” a cover story in the Hello Bali issue of July 2007. I also commented in the documentary Cowboys in Paradise. I got death threats and had to leave Bali for a while.

    Women, wherever and from wherever they may be are free to do whatever they want while vacationing. I find your judgment of these women hypocritical. I lived in Ubud and met many Japanese women who flock to this artist village for R & R. They are intelligent and very independent women and this I admire for it reflects the vibrant ethos of Japan. Your views of these women are sexist and rancid and truly disheartening. I suggest your writer/reporter read Simone de Beauvoir “The Second Sex”.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

  6. Well…, true and authentic intelligent or independent ones are really rare among Japanese women. And we are here to discuss the ridiculous and ugly phenomena/portion of Japanese female sex tourists, when compared to those of other nationals, especially Asians.

    So like it or not, based on your personal preference, Mark, “Nikkan Gendai” is a well-reputated periodical in Japan, and this article happens to be a report based on the reality and actuality. Hence, If you wish to talk about arts, please stay in your “artist village” and keep admiring your very limited Japanese women there. Plus, we are not saying those Japanese females who have “business” to do with the Kuta Cowboys are not good with arts. As you can imagine, Japanese female “artists” or “talents” actually are even more daring and adventurous when it comes to sexual activities with foreign men, if to compare with the OLs (office ladies/work 9 to five).

  7. And to Amit Virmani: Yes, it is indeed a matter of national shame with no doubt at all, let it be an separate/independent issue or combination/co-existing case with their Japanese male counterparts, the Japanese female sex tourists overseas active yet ugly image and reputation have brought shame to their mother country–Japan, where “shame” is often thought of, while in some western religious areas, it is “guilt”.

    Additionally, those certain Japanese females are simply taking advantage of the fact that they come from one of the most advanced/industrialized nations in the world, so they think eventually they are capable of paying off with material matters to compensate those much poorer Bali men for the lust life they experience there. These cheap Japanese females actually are stupid enough to have defamed the good name of their own mother country, JAPAN. What a pity….and, shame!

  8. Japanese women are STUPID WHILE IN BALI !!!! they are Sexual Harassment object!!! Men on the Bali beach knew it . ask them: who’s the most STUPID women tourists in Bali? pls don’t blame the women, they are just lonely. japanese men are so shy. thats why the women go to Bali and other countries. they will pay men to get “attentions” and it is good for their self confident.

  9. TRUE! Japanese women are the most stupid tourists in Kuta Bali. On Kuta beach and around Kuta beach area (Legian, Seminyak) they are often being fooled by men (usually not native Balinese men, there are usually from Java -a neighbor island of Bali-). Soft drinks/beer vendors, Surfboards rental men, Illegal tour guides, illegal transport men… all can F**K these Japanese women easily. Yes…they are stupid sexual object.

  10. jeez man, give the japanese girls a break!! let them have some fun. screw your self-righteous morality. I think Japanese women are wonderful!!!!!

  11. The writer may be reputable in selectively writing exaggerated article. words like “cheap shame easy stupid” so many racist insults here. speaking as you are sexperts. just cos you don’t get at all don’t go vent your frustration at one race one gender, who can’t defend themselves here. If the article here is about Korean, Chinese women I bet you will be insulting them just like you are doing. (or defend/ deny cos you are of that race) If I pick up non-japanese chick on my vacation, does it make the girl easy, national shame, stupid etc?? Y’all just racists. Shame on you.

  12. Who cares. It Japanese prostitutes that go find Bali beach boys anyway,not your average Japanese women.

    ‘Among Japanese OLs, the demand for Balinese beach boys peaked about 10 years ago. Now, says Murakami, it’s Japan’s sex industry workers who vacation there.’

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