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Playing for Condom-bine: Wife discovers pachinko-style solitary rapture

Shukan Bunshun Mar. 18

“One day my hubby, a big pachinko fan, said to me, ‘I heard something nice from a friend of mine who plays.'”

Shukan Bunshun (Mar. 18) leads off with this excerpt from the March issue of woman’s soft porn magazine Amour.

“‘What? Were you out playing pachinko again?’ I snapped.

“Then as I looked on with trepidation he produced a condom, filled it with pachinko balls and began cajoling me saying, ‘Daijobu, daijobu (it’s all right).’

“He abruptly inserted the condom into my vagina, and to my surprise, it really felt fantastic! As I felt the balls rolling around inside me I let loose with a bellow and came!

“Since then I’ve used them to masturbate, although now I’m starting to wonder if a vibrator with bumps on the surface might work as well, if not better.

“Anyway I can save money by sticking with what I’ve got.

“And it would be hard for me to force my hubby to give up his outside hobby,” she winks.

Bunshun’s punster bestowed her with the byline “Kakuchitsu Hendo.” In normal usage, kakujitsu hendo would mean “certain change,” but since chitsu means vagina, the term carries the nuance of “pussy is certain to undergo a change.”

Source: “Shukujo no zasshi kara,” Shukan Bunshun (Mar. 18, page 113)

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