Frisky femme gets fondled at fireworks fest

Shukan Bunshun Oct. 1
Shukan Bunshun Oct. 1
“I still have memories from last summer…” the contributor to the October issue of the woman’s erotic fantasy magazine Renai Tengoku sighs wistfully, as introduced in Shukan Bunshun (Oct. 1).

The writer and her male companion donned yukata and went to watch the fireworks. And it seems her boyfriend has a slightly sadistic streak and enjoys tormenting her — in a friendly way of course. This time he commanded her, “Don’t wear anything under your yukata!”

She complied.

“Well, there we were, stretched out on the mat,” she writes, “watching the shakudama explode one after the next.

“While the rest of the spectators had their eyes directed skyward, my boyfriend was slipping his hands up my sleeve and fondling my breasts and torso. The rascal knows where all my sensitive spots are, and he kept at it, groping me mercilessly.

“Anyway, my skin was tingling and I was sopping down there, so we pulled out from the fireworks and made a beeline for a nearby love hotel. My yukata was all wrinkled and sweaty from making out, but it was a tremendous turn-on!”

The writer’s tongue-in-cheek byline is “Stoppu-pussy’s-in-za-saan,” a raunchy parody of Tomoko Aran’s pop song hit “Stop the Seasons in the Sun,” recorded by TUBE in 1986. (M.S.)

Source: “Shukujo no zasshi kara,” Shukan Bunshun (Oct. 1, page 101)

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