Fuzoku gals defenseless against slave-driving sekuhara bosses

A fuzoku shop in Ikebukuro, Tokyo
A fuzoku shop in Ikebukuro, Tokyo
Last month, 20-year-old Emi walked away from her job at an image club (imekura), driven out by the depraved demands and dastardly deeds of her boss.

“Soon after I was hired he tried to put the make on me,” she tells Nikkan Gendai (Mar. 12). “But he wasn’t my type, so I gave him the cold shoulder. After that, he steered customers to the other girls and gave me a hard time, even when I greeted him politely.

“Then, he had the gall to ask me, ‘Well, have you changed your mind about doing it with me? The other girls all put out for me.’ ‘No way!’ I told him. Then he really got nasty, making remarks to discourage customers, like, ‘Don’t pick Emi. She’s overweight and has got small tits.’ The other girls all mocked me. And when customers picked me after seeing my photo, the receptionist would lie, telling them, ‘Sorry, she’s with a customer now’ — and then recommend a different girl.”

After the final indignity — being required to take a “sensitivity test” that involved having her mons pubis rubbed with a vibrator through her panties — she called it quits.

“Bosses of sex shops are under a lot of stress these days,” journalist Yukio Murakami tells Nikkan Gendai. “The number of customers has been plummeting, and the shop managers’ arms are being twisted by the owners to keep the business up. Demanding sex with a girl under the pretext of ‘on-the-job training’ may be a means of forcing out an employee who doesn’t get enough requests from repeat customers.”

Another factor behind such nasty treatment may be that employment in the sex industry right now is a buyer’s market. Since anyone who posts a staff-wanted ad gets a flood of applicants, no one is especially concerned if a girl leaves, since she can be quickly replaced.

Sex workers‘ are hired to engage in sex, so they can hardly go running to the labor office to complain of sexual harassment,” observes Murakami. “That absurdity lets managers get away with making life hard for the girls.”

In these troubled times, it seems, the sex business has become a mirror image what’s been happening to white-collar office workers. (M.S.)

Source: “‘Yarasero’ to semaru tencho ga kyuzo,” Nikkan Gendai (Mar. 12, Page 22)

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  1. As a professional hooker, I resent being compared to a white collar worker. I actually work for a living and don’t mind getting my hands dirty. I have to look my best every day and I don’t take 3 hour lunches at bars every day.

    The only thing worse is if you would of compared my profession to upper management, those guys screw everybody, but they get top dollar and a golden parachute when they get tired of working on their backs.

    How about a little respect for a working girl?

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