Gal meets gal in sensual ricochet romance

Shukan Bunshun Mar. 12
Shukan Bunshun Mar. 12
Drinking to drown one’s sorrows can have unintended consequences. Take the gal who, distraught over having been dumped by her beau, dropped into a local bar one evening with the intention of getting loaded.

One of the shop’s female patrons came by for a chat and proved eager to lend a sympathetic ear.

“She seemed to be one of the regulars,” writes the pseudonymous “Yuri in Flames” in the March issue of publisher Takeshobo’s Ai no Taiken Special Deluxe as introduced in Shukan Bunshun (March 12).

The two gradually became friends.

“Several months later, she offered to take me to a place she liked. It turned out to be one of those ‘lesbian bars.'”

Readers can readily imagine what (or rather, who) came next: Yuri.

“Actually I’d known beforehand that she was butch and admitted to her that bothered me,” Yuri continues. “She replied that she wanted to ‘console’ me, and led me to a hotel. It was the first time I ever did it with a woman. But I felt an ecstasy I’d never experienced from a man. Her touch was so gentle, and she gave me numerous orgasms using her fingers and tongue.”

Yuri subsequently married and led a “normal” life, maintaining sporadic contact with her female friend through telephone calls. Then recently after a long hiatus they renewed their acquaintance in a more direct manner and — as Yuri puts it — “we did some stuff together,” without elaborating further.

Upon parting she pledged to her friend, “We should definitely meet up from time to time and enjoy each other’s company.” (M.S.)

Source: “Shukujo no zasshi kara,” Shukan Bunshun (Mar. 12, Page 116)

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